Angry Birds Star Wars 2 PC Download Full Game

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 PC Download Full Game

Similar to the mobile version, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 PC Download features multiple planets with secret levels to unlock. These worlds include Tatooine, the DeathStar, Hoth, and an additional world starring R2-d2 and C-3PO. With the full edition, you’ll unlock the fifth world, the Jedi, and access up to eighty challenging levels.

Rovio Entertainment is responsible for creating and publishing Angry Birds Star Wars II. The 18th of September 2013 saw the release of this Star Wars/Angry Birds hybrid. This installment follows on the heels of Angry Birds: Star Wars and is the seventh overall. Also, Angry Birds: Star Wars is available for download. Transport Services can also be downloaded.

The popular mobile game has released a PC sample of their Star Wars adaptation. Angry Birds transports you to the Star Wars galaxy for an exciting adventure. Kill all the pigs with the Force or the laser sword till you reach the terrifying Darth Vader. You have to shoot birds at pigs and kill as many as you can using strategic aim and their unique characteristics; the gameplay may appear basic, but it has a fun problem-solving element.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 PC Download

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 PC Game For Free

As far as puzzle games go, Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 Download For Free provides one of the most original experiences ever. Playing as a furious individual against a nearby aviary, you are tasked with hurling birds about in this game. Hold on tight, because we’re about to launch into it.

Angry Birds Star Wars II, like its predecessor, is an odd and humorous mashup of two completely distinct universes. To break up the monotony of previous installments, the developers at Rovio have created an entertaining game that combines the two, allowing you to choose sides and join them. On the other hand, if you prefer to play without ads and microtransactions, you can still do so. Regardless, features like Rovio Account and Carbonite Reward that rely on an online connection continue to function normally.

Both the original and its sequel, Angry Birds Star Wars II Download For PC, take place in the Star Wars universe. The prequel trilogy and the first season of the animated TV series Star Wars Rebels, include characters, planets, and storylines. Like Mustafar, General Grievous, and the Grand Inquisitor. Players take control of slingshots and use them to launch “pigs” or “birds” towards structures constructed from different materials. These structures serve to ward off different “enemies” or “bosses” in the game.


Therefore, you must have been living under a rock if you are unfamiliar with Star Wars and Angry Birds. An entertainment franchise centered around space wizards is known as Star Wars. Angry Birds is a video game franchise in which players smash pigs with flying birds until the pigs explode. At this point, you have caught up. Here, they come together to form a single game with identical mechanics and exciting new Star Wars surprises.

The conflict between good and evil is central to both the original Angry Birds and its sequel, Angry Birds Star Wars II. The first step is to pick a side—be it the Jedi or the Sith—and then toss your chosen character, either as a bird or a Jedi, at the pigs. Like its predecessor, Angry Birds Star Wars II features numerous assets—including locations, music, characters, and the birds’ abilities—from the Star Wars franchise. Depending on the character you play as, you have access to a variety of weapons and abilities, including lightsabers, pistols, rockets, and The Force.

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  • Decent visuals
  • Additions to every level
  • Prizes and bonuses
  • A wide variety of personalities to choose from

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 PC Download

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 PC Download

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1
  • Central Processing Unit: Intel Pentium 4 or newer.
  • Virtual Memory: 512 MB
  • Volume on the Hard Drive: 500 MB

How To Play

  • When you get to our website, look for the “Continue To Game” button.
  • You can begin downloading and installing Angry Birds Star Wars II as soon as it appears in your Android device’s Google Play listing.
  • Press the Install button that sits just to the right of the app icon, beneath the search bar.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II will display a pop-up window with the necessary permissions. Go ahead and click Accept to proceed.
  • As it downloads, you’ll see a progress bar for Angry Birds Star Wars II.
  • You will receive a notification once the installation is complete, and the process will begin once the download is finished.

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